Koje 07 Neue Klassik - Lava / Carisma Lack - Lava

Elegant style concept at LivingKitchen

Nolte present New Classic. Lohne/Cologne 14 january 2019. it was first announced ar the September inhouse fail, now it is here: Nolte launch their new Classic collection on the occasion of LivingKitchen in Cologne. This is where tradicion and modern trends unite to shape an original living space, reminiscent of Art Deco in its minimalist clarity.

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Flair - Schwarz / Ferro Cortenstahl

Real life. Real innovations.

Welcome to the here and now. The new straightforwardness with open, communicative planning is copied from professional cooks. Elegant, trendy materials provide unlimited planning options and give the kitchen breadth and spaciousness. It combines functionality and timeless interior design in a perfect symbiosis. Sleek design with or without handles and clean-cut lines makes the modern kitchen a real looker. And a place in which living in the kitchen always has something special to offer.

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My kitchen

Did you know you can make over 1,000 decisions to get a kitchen planned to suit your personal wishes and needs?

We at Nolte Küchen want to make these decisions easier for you – while giving you a kitchen that meets you personal expectations on every score. Planning with emotion and reason. This is how! You can answer all of the questions in the order they are in or in any sequence you choose. Sometimes it may help to browse a little and do some reading first before you decide on an answer. Or take a look at the kitchen you already have, and get a better idea of what you really want.

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Living Kitchen 2017 - Küche 03

Plenty of space to enjoy life!

Plenty of space to enjoy life – individually tailored! Optimum use of space.
No matter whether you have a small or large amount of space – with Nolte Küchen you will always find the right solution: from a simple row of units to L and U shapes or a large eat-in kitchen.

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KitchenAid now in Latvia

– 1886 –

It began with a woman’s idea.

Her name was Jospehine Cochrane and she revolutionized the world of cooking.
In 1886, she patented an invention that would in time become the dishwasher as we know it today. Nine of her incredible machines were exhibited, sold and used in restaurants. Some found a place in respected luxury hotels: the Baltimore Hotel in New York and the Tremor and Palmer House in Chicago. These first models were sold at between 700 and 1000 dollars. Driven by the desire to popularise her invention, Joséphine adapted a model for household use, sold at 350 dollars. That was just before her death in 1913.

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Living Kitchen 2017 - Küche 05

A foretaste of LivingKitchen 2017

Löhne, 23 November 2016. The imminent LivingKitchen sees one of the major kitchen manufacturers, Nolte Küchen, return to the main fair. From 16 to 22 January 2017 stand A010/A011 in Hall 5.2 will be dedicated to flexibility, living comfort and quality living. No less than twelve kitchen designs on around 700 square metres of floor space prove Nolte Küchen to be extremely versatile. One of the main themes of the stand is the interpretation of conceptual product line nolte neo. The modular approach results in fresh ideas for individual kitchen designs that, while making a statement, remain totally affordable. Moreover, due to systematic additions the Nolte core range has reached an unprecedented level of continuity and versatility. Last but not least, Nolte Küchen presents innovative conceptual approaches in the area of Smart Living, bringing together technology and living space design. As a highlight during the public visiting days Nolte Küchen brand ambassador Eva Brenner will be there on the Saturday.

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NOLTE Vācu betona virtuve

See. Touch. Feel. NOLTE 2017

SEE. Touch. Feel. NOLTE 2017

Löhne, 17 September 2016. experience. nolte küchen“ – this is Nolte Küchen’s new products for 2017 in a nutshell. Innovations and specific additions to door fronts and surfaces cater for price-conscious and design oriented customers alike and also create new environments for kitchen living. A combination of genuine materials and realistic reproductions results in a large choice. The company rounds off its collection with a new drawer concept and carefully matched interior fittings.

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Salone del Milano

NOLTE Rīga kolektīvs tikko ir atgriezies no Salone del Mobile 2016 dizaina izstādes, kura šogad svin 55. jubileju.
Pasaule ir noilgojusies pēc kaut kā jauna un radoša, par to mēs pārliecinājāmies izstādē.

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NOLTE kitchen Latvia

NOLTE Rīga jaunā ekspozīcija

Pusgada laikā NOLTE Rīgā ir nomainījis salona ekspozīciju. Mūsu salonā Jūs gaida jaunas un skaistas virtuves!

Mūsu salona jaunais dārgums! Fasādes MDF ar lakas pārklājumu Alpha Lack un Jaunums 2016 koka fasādes LEGNO. Galda virsma lamināts ar plastikāta pārklājumu kombinācijā ar kvarcu.

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NOLTE vācu viruves

Jaunākās tendences no NOLTE ražotnes Vācijā

NOLTE Rīga kolektīvs tikko ir atgriezies no NOLTE mājas izstādes Vācijā, kur tika prezentēti vairāk kā 40 (!!!) jauni virtuves paraugi, pamatojoties uz izcili novatoriskiem dizainiem un jaunākajām tehnoloģijām. Izstādē iepazināmies ar lieliskiem jaunumiem, kuri iepriecinās mūsu klientus Latvijā.

Hausmesse 2015   Hausmesse 2015   Hausmesse 2015

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Nova Lack 73T - Tiefblau Hochglanz / Legno 59T - Eiche Trüffel

NOLTE jaunais koncepts 2016

Kā jau katru gadu septembrī mūsu komanda dodas uz NOLTE rūpnīcu Vācijā, lai iepazītos ar nākamā gada NOLTE jaunumiem. Jauni materiāli, jauni moduļi, jauni dizaini..  Ar sajūsmu piedāvājam nelielu ieskatu!

Artwood 22W - Wildeiche rustikal / Lux 361 - Weiß Hochglanz   Artwood 22W - Wildeiche rustikal / Lux 361 - Weiß Hochglanz   Linea 975 - Papyrusgrau softmatt

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Informations- und Ausstellungszentrum

Laipni aicināti NOLTE virtuves pasaules sirdī!

Piedāvājam svaigu video tikko no Vācijas NOLTE ražotnes, kā top virtuves.

Kā arī neaizmirsīsim dažus svarīgus faktus:

  • NOLTE virtuves ir dibinātas 1958. gadā un pašlaik uzņēmums ir viens no lielākajiem virtuvju ražotājiem Vācijā.
  • NOLTE virtuves savu produkciju eksportē vairāk nekā uz 50 valstīm visā pasaulē.
  • NOLTE virtuves ražotne Lohnē aizņem vairāk nekā 85000 m2, un katru dienu savu ceļu pie klienta sāk aptuveni 750 virtuves.
  • NOLTE virtuves nodrošina 1100 darbavietas un lepojas ar augstas kvalifikācijas speciālistiem, kuri uzņēmumā strādā jau daudzus gadus.


NOLTEhome Rīga ir tikai neliela daļa no visas lielās NOLTE sirds!

Nature 566 - Eiche Tabak / Soft Lack 76W - Weiß softmatt

NOLTE together with Latvian TOP trainer MIKUS EMBREKTS

Be healthy with NOLTE!

We are preparing a healthy breakfast every Sunday 11 o’clock at LNT broadcast “Successful Businessman” in a comfortable studio NOLTE. It is all together with fitness trainer MIKUS EMBREKTS.
See you every Sunday at LNT 11 o’clock.

There are some of the broadcast scenes!

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Глеб Старовойт устроил мастеркласс: “Как выжить в большом городе?”

Необычное мероприятие прошло накануне пасхи в рижском салоне NOLTE virtuves  на Цесу 31.

Владельцы салона  и идейный вдохновитель проекта, 16-летний Глеб Старовойт, устроили мастеркласс для подростков : «Как выжить в большом городе?»

Как  при постоянном  для подростков и молодых людей дефиците времени и денег, приготовить себе вкусный, полезный, полноценный ужин и, банально,не «умереть с голоду»,получить достаточное колличество каллорий для активной жизни и роста и не испортить свое здоровье фастфудом и едой в «сухомятку»?

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How to live in a big city?

Charity event  “How to live in a big city” together with Palidzesim.lv and young people from social risk groups. We learned to cook Ukrainian borsch, salad mix and fruit cocteils. And NOTE Riga manager Alla helped to learn the nuances of many new nutritional preparation. Thank you for the ideas the author Gleb Starotoit!
Photo: Gints Ivuskans, F64

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NOLTE in LNT broadcast

Be healthy with NOLTE!

We are preparing a healthy breakfast every Sunday 11 o’clock at LNT broadcast “Successful Businessman” in a comfortable studio NOLTE.
See you every Sunday at LNT 11 o’clock.

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NOLTE kitchens in apartments of Z-Towers

Apartments of Z-Towers have stepped in the new year of 2015 in a new and pompous appearance! Assembly of unique interior and NOLTE kitchen has been completed. This is the first time when similar realtor projects fully correspond to philosophy of life of the capital city. Each apartment is tailored by designers as a unique setup where our customers may be the main heroes and perfect scenario writers. It is time to admit that our life has greatly changed!

We live in a completely different pace where countries, planes, landscapes, climate, and weather behind the window can be easily changed instantly diving in surrounding atmosphere and adapting it to you. Modern interior just needs to easily relieve, accept, and discover reality that is constantly changing at the same time remaining in the very centre of all technical and aesthetical trends. Kitchen has a major and, as a paradox, increasing role in life of a modern metrosexual and housewife. For long it is not just a selection of furniture; it is a “place of execution”, cult place for meeting and communicating, an element of household comfort and prestige at the same time. The kitchen is meant to create you a sense of “home and support” in every country of the world.

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