Flair - Schwarz / Ferro Cortenstahl

Welcome to the here and now. The new straightforwardness with open, communicative planning is copied from professional cooks. Elegant, trendy materials provide unlimited planning options and give the kitchen breadth and spaciousness. It combines functionality and timeless interior design in a perfect symbiosis. Sleek design with or without handles and clean-cut lines makes the modern kitchen a real looker. And a place in which living in the kitchen always has something special to offer.


Metal is the material of the moment: it is right on trend which is also why FERRO blue steel was our preferred choice. The combination with SOFT LACK in arctic white makes refreshing statements and, despite its cool elegance, produces an eat-in kitchen we like to spend a lot of time in. The open shelves at the end make the island look less weighty and more casual. Interesting details, like the black metal shelves with sliding doors or the matching black finger pulls complement this configuration with a huge amount of storage space.

Ferro - Blaustahl / Soft Lack - Arcticweiß softmatt Flair - Schwarz / Ferro Cortenstahl Ferro - Cortenstahl / Nova Lack - Weiß HG

“Our new kitchen was to be something very special. A real looker you don’t find everywhere. We more or less instantly opted for FLAIR with its edging in brass look. This is where the name says everything: a kitchen with flair and charisma. The illuminated Matrix- ART finger pulls bring out the edge particularly well. The combination with FERRO in Corten steel is the perfect complement, with matching splashback adding the finishing touch. But this kitchen also has a number of highlights in terms of outfit: for instance, open shelf wall units with sliding doors are a practical combination of open shelf and cabinet, and the MatrixART base units at the end of a row provide practical storage for smaller-type items.”

Glas Tec Plus - Weiß Hochglanz NOVA LACK  Glas Tec Plus - Weiß Hochglanz

The kitchen as a space for individuals. White soft mat Lacquered laminate The wall unit as an option to end a unit row is a slender alternative with storage space for finishing off sides in the classic way. Graphic design o pt ion “I love to think out of the box. And like it when my life doesn’t always go as expected. This is also why I find creative flexibility important in choosing the kitchen I want. TIMBER holm oak paired with FEEL white opens up all sorts of options that give me the design I want. By the way, Timber is also available with vertical graining and both can even be combined. But that’s not all. The clever end section on the wall unit with additional storage space as well as the illuminated finger pulls are further attractive features I wouldn’t want to be without any more. If you ask me, the lighting makes the superb surface finish look even more spectacular.”

Glas Tec Plus - Weiß Hochglanz NEO Integra - Papyrusgrau

Fashionable industrial look meets classic design. “As a passionate hobby chef, I had a clear picture of what I wanted my kitchen to look like. Both from a functional point of view as well as in terms of design. For instance, INTEGRA papyrus grey with the black accentuated handle recess goes perfectly with the rest of my furnishings. The same applies to open metal shelves that not only make all of the storage space accessible and instantly let you see everything but can also be arranged in a row to give huge flexibility. The shelves, of course, pick up on the decor of the worktop. Then there’s the wall display units with wire glass look. A real eye-catcher. No wonder my friends only want to cook at my place of late.”

DSC_0014 Soft Lack - Avocado softmatt / Arcticweiss softmatt Timber - Steineiche / Feel - Weiß

All signals on green. “That’s my favourite colour. This beautiful avocado shade always reminds me of spring. So, why not choose a kitchen in this refreshing colour? Now I am standing in front of it – my SOFT LACK in avocado with arctic white. The open shelves at the end of the island are a real boon. So too is the fact that I can perfectly integrate the builtin appliances in the right height thanks to the Matrix 150 grid system – all without any panel to spoil the look. The 12 mm worktop in arctic white is another lovely surprise: it not only looks good, the PRO surface impresses too! Incidentally, my friends went green with envy the first time they saw my new kitchen.”

Soft Lack - Avocado softmatt / Arcticweiss softmatt Lifestyle-Booth-Sketch_main-1 Stone - Beton

Lighting is atmosphere. Let there be light. Lighting in the kitchen not only creates a homely atmosphere or adds statements, it also – more importantly – makes us feel good. Modern LED technology produces a gentle light that can also be matched to the particular mood or time of day. The illuminated MatrixART finger pull, for example, creates a special ambience and underscores the kitchen’s lines with tasteful and stunning effect. An integrated wall-unit lighting conjures a warm and inviting ambience too!

In choosing a kitchen, you are also choosing a world. It’s the way the kitchen is presented, a clear indication of the individual style of the home and of the needs of everyone living in it. But whether single person, large family or gourmet – this is where there’s the right kitchen for everyone. See for yourself …”