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The most influential German kitchen NOLTE was founded in 1958 as a family business and exports its products to more than 50 countries worldwide. NOLTE has been known in the Latvian market since 1996 and stands out for perfect quality, a variety of materials, and an individual approach. It focuses on development rather than standards, thus NOLTE keeps up with the latest fashion and technological trends, as well as ensures long-lasting design for its products.

Quality is created by details. Every little thing and the order of things are important. Ergonomics and functionality combined with aesthetic pleasure. That is our standard for the perfect kitchen.


Perfect inside and outside

Regardless of the kitchen exterior it is ideal only if it meets the highest quality standards on the inside as well. NOLTE does not limit itself to uniform carcasses; they are as diverse and design-oriented as the facades. Natural antique wood (veneer and profiled), melamine with a finger out finish, colorful matte and glossy varnishes, as well as exclusive kitchens with natural concrete, forged glass, ceramics, natural stone slabs, and mirrored facades.


Tabletop with a wood effect - aesthetic and symbolical

The selection of decorative coatings for the work surface is as diverse as the trees in the forest. It is much more cozy and natural than one might think. Laminate (plastic) with thicknesses of 12 mm, 25 mm, and 40 mm with a high-quality plastic coating. As well as surfaces made of glass, metal, and natural wood.


Orderliness - comfortable and organized

Everything has its place! Dozens of elements to organize drawers and shelves. Offered in plastic, veneer, oak, and black ash finishes.

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The German kitchen is about ergonomics, practicality, and comfort. On one hand, everything must be functional, comfortable, and hygienic; on the other hand, cozy and aesthetically appealing. Before heading to the salon, it is necessary to define the desired style of kitchen equipment, whether it be modernism, classical, minimalism, eclectic, etc. The decision can be made based on the overall home interior or independently from it. When it comes to colors, the same conditions apply as with style.

Units of technique and kitchen accessories

When planning kitchen furniture, it is important to take into account not only visual and technical parameters, but also the layout of kitchen equipment and the necessary space for storing dishes and inventory. It is inspiring that now, with your German kitchen, other elements of your home's interior can also be in the same design. We also offer living rooms and dining rooms from Nolte, household rooms and laundry rooms, library and office furniture, furniture for a cozy home office, unique and artistic TV areas and display cabinets, comfortable furniture for bedrooms and wardrobes. As well as special Nolte furniture for the SPA zone and bathrooms.

Room and Lifestyle

The layout of kitchen equipment can come in various types: L-shaped, island-type, P-shaped, etc. The most suitable layout depends on the area of the space, configuration, and how the kitchen equipment will be used, for example, whether there will be a lot of cooking or not, whether it will include a dining area or be separate, and other conditions that are individual to each person.


Based on the thoughtful and provided information from a potential kitchen client, the NOLTE team develops a kitchen project, providing not only technical solutions but also offering a harmonious and appropriate design in both materials and colors.

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High-quality manufacturing

Nolte kitchens are known for their high-quality materials and precise craftsmanship, which ensure not only excellent durability but also long-term functionality.

Innovative design

Nolte kitchens stand out with their innovative design that combines modernity with functionality, offering customers not only a beautiful but also a comfortable kitchen.

Customization options

Multiple customization options are offered to Nolte's kitchen clients, so that the kitchen can be fully tailored to the client's individual desires and needs.